About the institute


Institute for Social Policy is established in Vilnius, Lithuania. The Institute unifies Lithuanian academia performing scientific researches in the area of social policy and law. Aim of the Institute – independent scientific and practical research of Labour Law, Social Security Law and Employment, helping to make proposals for solving of arising problems and dissemination of the results for the public.

Institute has 3 main divisions:

  • Research center for Labour law and social dialogue
  • Research center for Social Security law
  • Center for Employment research

All the Experts of the institute are holding PhD degree and performing numerous activities outside the institute: participation in the international professional networks, consultations for policy makers, state institutions and social partners, as well as academia activities in universities. Experts of the institute has established communication with colleagues from other countries, participate in international scientific venues, other activities, preparing implementation reports.

Main experts:

  • dr. Audrius Bitinas. Professor at Vilnius University Faculty of law. Attorney at law. Field of research – social security law, pension reforms.
  • dr. Justinas Usonis. Associated Professor at Vilnius University Faculty of law. Attorney at law. Field of research – posting, employment, health and safety at work, flexible types of work, union negotiation, EU labour law. CV
  • Augustina Martinėlytė. Lecturer at Institute for Social Policy. Attorney at law.

The Institute for Social Policy is ready for any joint activities with foreign partners. Sharing our knowledge and practices could help us solving problems in social policy area that every country is facing in its own way.

If you find our cooperation possible and useful, please contact Justinas Usonis, the coordinator of Institute for Social Policy – justinas@usonis.lt